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From 13th April 2015 our old homework site and Students Remote Log for years 7 to 10 will be replaced by Google Classroom.

Any work set previous to this date but still due can still be accessed by clicking here.  This link will be closed when all 'due' dates have passed.

Year 11 Homework will continue to be set on the old site (click here) until Students finish their courses.

Years 7 & 8 will continue to recieve homework booklets to complete each week. A copy of these will be posted each week to Google Classroom.

 Google Classroom (Click to access)

Comes to Westfield Academy

Google classroom is part of Google Apps for Education which will provide all students with a range of on-line facilities to support them during their time at Westfield. These include:

Google Classroom – An on line space for teachers to post resources, messages and homework. Students can reply, ask questions and, where appropriate, hand in homework for marking.

Google Drive – Each student will have their own on line storage area accessible from school / home / anywhere they have internet access. (No need to use USB sticks to transfer work anymore.)

Google apps – students will have on line access to a suite of apps including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides which are all compatible with Microsoft and Mac applications.

Gmail – Each student will have their own school email address (******@westfieldacademy.co.uk) which will make communication much easier. They will use this to log into the system.

Phone and Tablet apps – Free apps to allow students to access any of the above are available for Apple iPad / iPhone and android devices

The whole system is managed and protected by the school and is based on ‘Real World’ technologies such as Google for Business. It will provide a good introduction for students to ‘cloud technology’ as they progress to work or college / university.

Students are already being trained to use the system in their computing and other subject areas.

From the first day of the summer term (Tuesday 14th April) the current homework site, Student Remote Access and the Student ‘Shared Resources’ drive on the school network will be replaced by Google Classroom / Google Apps for Education for years 7 – 10.

Google Classroom Help Sheet (Click to download)

(Year 11 Students will continue to use the current remote access and homework site.)

For Students that do not have access to a suitable computer / device the computers in our Library and Learning Support Centre are available outside of lesson times.