Former Students

As a Westfield student you will always be a special part of our history. By keeping in touch as part of our Westfield alumni network you can be an important part of our future too.

Alumni members play a vital role in helping to develop the school. Seeing people like you achieving great things after leaving Westfield Academy will inspire current students to work hard and broaden their horizons.

You could be a mentor and a role model which is not only a great conversation starter but will also be a great thing to put on your CV! It's also a fantastic way to stay connected to the school and fellow students once you have gone out into the big wide world.

The best way to stay in touch with us is through our dedicated Alumni Facebook page which can be found by searching "Westfield Academy Alumni Network for Past Pupils" or clicking here. You can also stay up to date with news and events form the school via the Westfield Academy Facebook page.

We regularly invite former students back to school for Celebration evenings in June, July and November and are always on the look out for past pupils keen to return to school and share their stories with us. If you think you'd like to be our guest speaker for a future celebration evening, email our Marketing Team

Where are they now?

Simon Rendall

Simon Rendall, Marketing Director of Harvard Business School

Simon Rendall left Westfield Academy in 1983 and is now Marketing Director at the world-famous Harvard Business School in the US. Read Full Story...

Steve Cotton

Steve Cotton, award-winning Sports Journalist

Steve Cotton was guest speaker at our recent Yr 9/10 Celebration Evening. Steve came to Westfield before leaving in 1998 to join the Western Gazette, while studying for his A-Levels at Yeovil College. Read Full Story...

Christian Guy

Christian Guy, Managing Director, Centre for Social Justice

"I had a fantastic time at Westfield and enjoyed being there. It was a privilege to visit again recently to meet students and see some of my old teachers. I began to develop an interest in current affairs when I was still at school, when it became clear that there was a bigger world out there. I studied Politics and International Relations at University and while there got some hands on experience working for Jane Griffiths, a Labour MP." Read Full Story...

Nada Omran

Nada Omran, Doctor

"Fond memories and an excellent start is what Westfield gave me and I hope I have made them proud. My schooling was enlightening, entertaining, encouraging, and never, not even in my "not bovvered" teenage times, an enormous drag." Read Full Story...

Luke Manning

Luke Manning, Director, Pencil Studio design agency

"I remember my first day, feeling extremely nervous. I’d come from a quiet, small, rural primary school, so the jump to a big comprehensive was daunting. I remember all of the teachers being extremely welcoming, and in no time I felt at home." Read Full Story...

Tara Mallett

Tara Mallett, Radio Producer

Tara left Westfield in 2004, after moving to Yeovil when she was 13. She now lives in South Africa and has had a varied career, working in press and PR, as a sports agent and most recently as a radio producer. Read Full Story...

Gareth Mottram

Gareth Mottram, Direct Sales Manager, Paramo

Gareth is currently the Direct Sales manager of British outdoor clothing manufacturer Paramo. He left Westfield in 1995 and went on to study Geography at University, gaining a PhD for his work using satellites to investigate the spread and impact of wildfires in Canada and Russia. Read Full Story...