OfSTED Report

Ofsted inspection Report - September 2014

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Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a good school.

What Ofsted say:

  • The Principal, ably supported by senior leaders, has ensured that the academy has continued to improve since the previous inspection. As a result, students’ achievement and the quality of teaching are now good.
  • Students achieve well in most subjects. The progress students make in English has risen significantly.
  • Disadvantaged students and those entering the academy with low levels of attainment receive high quality, personalised support. As a result, they achieve well.
  • The quality of teaching is good. Relationships in classrooms and around the academy are strong.
  • Students respect their teachers, feel confident to ask questions and to offer their thoughts and ideas when discussing new concepts.
  • Students conduct themselves well around the academy, including at social times. They are polite and courteous and create a calm and purposeful atmosphere.
  • Students feel safe and are confident that the academy will act swiftly to resolve any issues they may encounter. They respond well to restorative approaches to enable them to understand the consequences of their actions and behaviour.
  • Leaders and managers at the academy have high expectations of both staff and students. Staff receive effective support and training to develop the quality of their teaching. They are held closely to account for the achievement of the students they teach.
  • The governing body is passionate about ensuring the academy continues to improve. The governors have a clear understanding of the academy’s strengths and areas that need to develop further.

Ofsted inspection Report - January 2013

What Ofsted say:

  • The headteacher and leaders are proud of their school and know that all those involved are keen for it to improve further. A collective shared vision was evident in the school’s welcoming and ambitious approach.
  • Strong leadership from the headteacher, members of the governing body and many faculty leaders has led to improvements in the quality of teaching.
  • Students currently in school, are making more rapid progress...as a direct result of the better teaching that is now becoming established and students’ much better attitudes to learning.
  • Students behave well and feel very safe. They understand the academy’s high expectations of their behaviour.
  • Students that had been in the school the longest had noticed the changes and appreciated the support their teachers gave them.

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Ofsted subject inspection: Science – June 2012

What Ofsted say:

  • Achievement has risen sharply over the last 3 years. Students arrive at the school with average attainment in science. They make good progress and leave with GCSE results that are above the national average.
  • Students enjoy science and take an active interest in lessons.
  • The department has senior staff who model exceptional practice.

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