To report an absence please complete THIS FORM This should be completed for EVERY DAY of ABSENCE before 8:30am.

Complete the 'Google Attendance Form' daily for as long as your child is absent.  You will need to input your personalised PIN CODE to complete the form.

(Please provide a letter to the school when your child returns. Parents may be asked to provide medical proof of illness if numerous absences occur.)

Lateness Procedure:  Students who are not on the school site by 8:25am will be required to stay behind at the end of the day, for a minimum of 30 minutes.

If this affects your child a message will be sent home to notify you of this. If there is a valid reason why your child is late to school, parents or carers are required to fill out the Daily Absence Form to give details.

Attendance Officer (Mr S Mounsey):- Tel 01935 446885  Email 

Good attendance and punctuality are essential if pupils are to achieve their maximum potential at school. 

Here is some important information regarding the monitoring of Attendance at Westfield School and the process which needs to be followed.

If your child is ill you must: 

  • Complete the Google Attendance Form as soon as possible (before 8:30am) to let the school know they will not be attending. 
  • The form should be completed every day that your child is absent to confirm they will still not be attending school.
  • Provide a letter to the school when your child returns. Parents may be asked to provide medical proof of illness if numerous absences occur. 

Failure to do this will result in an unauthorised absence being recorded and can lead to the involvement of the Education Attendance Service. 

If your child is not in school we may telephone to check that there is a genuine reason for absence. Please ensure that the school has your current day time telephone number.

Wherever possible, medical appointments should be made after school hours or during holidays.  We do understand the difficulties with this so if an appointment is made during school hours please ensure you: 

Contact Mr Mounsey in advance to inform him of the date and time of the appointment. 

Provide your child with a note to enable them to leave school during the day. 

All children MUST be in school in time for the start of Wider Curriculum Time at 8:30am and all subsequent lessons. 

If an appointment is made for a weekday morning we do expect your child to attend school to register before going to their appointment, where possible. We then expect them to return promptly after their appointment is finished.

If you are planning on taking your child out of school please ensure you complete a 'Holiday or Absence Request Form' - these can be collected from the school office.   Completing this form does not mean the time out of school will be authorised. It will only be authorised if the circumstances are considered to be exceptional.

As a school we discourage parents from arranging family holidays during term time. The law says that parents do not have the right to take their children out of school for holidays.  Students miss important lessons and find it very hard to catch up on work missed. Older students can have preparation for examinations seriously affected.