Year 9 Options - Art


The world is ever changing and constantly evolving. Development in technology has seen the way we live our lives change rapidly and this in turn has had a dramatic affect on the landscape of workplaces and industries. The ability to adapt and find new solutions has never been more sought after. Imagination, creativity and problem solving therefore have become incredibly desirable skills, all of which are heavily developed in the subject of Art. 

Few subjects offer the opportunity for such freedom and personal discovery, as students are invited to explore and investigate their own choice of artists, processes, materials and techniques. This journey and exploration in the subject becomes a powerful tool as it allows students to develop and inform the way they perceive the world around them, helps them to realise their ideas, and teaches them how to effectively communicate and express themselves in a visual format. 

It is advisable that students choosing Art have good drawing and painting skills and can work independently, showing initiative and curiosity for the subject matter. Students will be asked to purchase a basic Art equipment pack at the price of around £10 at the beginning of the year, students that receive free school meals will be exempt from this.


  • Research renowned artists that can influence and inform your own creative practice. 
  • How to effectively develop skills using a variety of media, materials, techniques and processes.
  • The skills required to effectively document your insights and ideas through observations and studies.
  • How to present personal and meaningful responses that bring together your ideas.


Students will explore multiple themes and topics over the GCSE and document their experiences using sketchbooks and larger pieces. This portfolio of work and evidence will account to 60% of total marks. 

Students will then receive an externally set assignment, a key word or theme given to them to investigate and once more produce a body of work towards.

However, this time students will have a 10 hour period of time in exam conditions to create a well considered and meaningful final response to their project. The externally set assignment and final piece accounts for 40% of total marks.